Pocket Spring Mattress


Made In Australia Pocket Spring Mattress
Is your sleep disrupted by a partner that tosses and turns and has to get out of bed during the night? Or if you are regularly woken by pins and needles then our Supreme Pocket Spring Mattress range may be the answer for you.

This luxury Pillow top range has the ultimate FIVE ZONE POCKET SPRING unit, consisting of over 670 (queen size) individual 7 turn, 2.3 gauge tempered steel springs each set in individual pockets.

These pockets are supported by a high density, deep foam box which ensures maximum support whilst adding more movement absorption. (for example: if you were to jump into a pool...the wave of water created hits the sides and bounces back...however...if you have foam sides on the pool the wave would be absorbed and softened).

THE COMFORT LAYER PILLOW TOP consists of over 80mm combined luxury foams including the latest in technology GEL VISCO. GEL VISCO foam was introduced originally in 2006 to combat the heat generating properties of some memory foams and latex. Gel infused memory foams are the latest generation, containing visco memory foam and what is described as "beads" containing the cool gel which as a "phase-changing material" will achieve the perfect cooling effect by changing from a solid to a liquid state within each bead thus reducing temperature. This topper is then quilted with bamboo fabric to wick moisture away from the body and keep it cool. Claims have also been made that this gel infused memory foam reduces the severity of symptoms (i.e. pain) associated with fibromyalgia and arthritis.

Our clients claim that they are able to achieve that deep healing sleep as they are now moving less.


Allow you to sleep peacefully without having to experience every toss and turn of your partner.

Orthopaedic support: as each spring is supporting your body according to its own contours and pressure points.

Not affected by two different body weights as it will support each individually.

5 Zones offer variable support for different parts of your body: head, shoulders, lower back, hips and feet.

Help ensure correct spinal alignment.

Springs in pocket allow the air to move through the mattress more freely... means mattress will remain fresh and clean for longer.

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Pocket Spring Mattress
Pocket Spring Mattress
Pocket Spring Mattress