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Made In Australia King Split Mattress
The King Split Mattress is not only reserved for Luxury Resorts or cruise liners, it has many very practical advantages. The Resort Luxury is the most popular bed that I sell shipping it to all kinds of accommodation in Queensland, New South wales and victoria.

What is a split king mattress: A split king mattress is made up of two long single mattresses that when joined by either zips or velcro, become a standard king size 183cm x 203 cm.

My Resort Luxury King split and Zip bed is asked for by many different names king single joined, single zip beds, single joined beds, hotel beds, resort beds. However we all know they are talking about the incredibly flexible and luxurious king split bed.

Split kings are commonly used with electric beds to accommodate couples different sleeping preferences. However they can also benefit couples who prefer completely different support or feel in a mattress. By customising your mattress Each piece may be different for example one piece in a soft finish and one firm. There may be various body weights one person is light while their partner is heavy Each requires a different mattress support system, the configuration is two extra long single beds that zip together to make 1 king bed dimensions being 2 x 900 x 1040 mattresses that when joined become 1830 x 2040.

The Resort Luxury is Australian made and double sided meaning it can be flipped over, has the same luxury foams both sides. This makes the bed long lasting and extremely comfortable. Phone me today for a quote 0414446675.

Another benefit of a split king mattress is they are easer to move than standard king mattresses, this is especially helpful when you need to move the mattress upstairs or when lifts are too small to accomodate a one piece king size.

For elderly people the king size bed with split mattress is much easier to turn two small pieces rather than turning one large.

Eliminates movement transfer: Movement during sleep is a big problem with one partner disturbing the other every time he or she turns over or makes another run to the bathroom. By sleeping on completely separate mattresses you eliminate the movement transfer completely. And if your partner really annoys you, you can push the mattress away completely!

Easy replacement: As the mattresses are individual, you can replace or exchange one piece without needing to replace the entire mattress. However if you always protect your mattress with a waterproof protector you eliminate the risk of spills or staining.

What size protectors do I need for my king split mattress? As long single bedding is almost impossible to find, You will need to buy king single mattress protectors and sheets.

Flexible sleeping arrangements: A king size split mattress can accommodate two individuals OR can be pulled together and fastened to become a king which will now sleep a couple in complete comfort.

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King Split Mattress
King Split Mattress
King Split Mattress
King Split Mattress
King Split Mattress