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We are a family owned business which has been operating for more than 20 years, supplying quality Australian made and manufactured beds to Hotels, Motels, Resorts, Interior Designers, Schools, Mines and Government Departments throughout Queensland, NSW, and Victoria. From single room to full refurbishment, no job is too big or small. We work with Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Spinal Surgeons and Lifestyle Specialists to ensure selection of the correct mattress to suit individual needs. Our aim is to take the experience of going to bed from something we must do, to something we really want to do. The experts will confirm that it is important to keep the body straight, however if you do not get the comfort level right you will toss and turn all night. This is what causes many back problems. For more information, contact us on 0414446675 or visir our Showroom at 1/16 Township Drive, West Burleigh QLD 4219.

beds galore gold coast

Our Showroom is located at 1/16 Township Dr, West Burleigh, Gold Coast. Call 0414 446675

beds galore gold coast

Made up of two long single mattresses 920cm x 2030cm that when joined by double zips become a standard king size 184cm x 203 cm./font>

beds galore gold coast

Head board options available choose wall mount or single headboards attached to the base./font>

Large Range Australian Made Beds

By Manufacturing in Australia we guarantee a quality custom made product whilst supporting local business, with factory direct pricing. The custom made division allows the flexibility to build mattresses of different shapes and sizes for all needs, including boats campers caravans or just unusual sized furniture. Our transport division provide a superior service to our customers with the ability to deliver the product directly to our clients on demand, when required, within the same day of request.


Designed with a Leading Physiotherapist for Gold Coast Spinal, the Spine Align Mattress is substantial; the pocket springs and high density foams give incredible support for customers suffering from back pain. Pocket spring spinal mattress is fully reversible and comes in three comfort levels, also available in split king for individual needs. This is an area that we are enthusiastic about as we are committed to ensuring the best nights sleep for our customers.


The King Split Zip Resort Luxury is by far our most popular bed! Luxury meets functionality with the split king mattress zip to a full king Mattress and base or Unzip for two long single beds. Handmade here in Australia and double sided. The Resort Luxury zip bed is perfect for Air BNB, accommodation, or a guest room in your home, so comfortable, convenient, AND Australian made. You will fall in love with our Australian made king split bed.


Our Australian made Trundle bed is the perfect addition to your childs or spare room. Style Meets convenience with This Storage bed which comes in single, long single and King single. Customised in your choice of fabric the trundle can lift and join to make a king size bed. You can add an optional headboard and if chosen will be attached with brackets to the base.


Lift Bed

For the ultimate in space saving our custom built, Australian made, solid timber, upholstered lift bed raises with superior gas struts, to reveal sufficient space for all your storage needs. Fully line this amazing piece of furniture will ensure your possessions are safe in pristine condition. Couple this with a custom-built headboard and your Room is complete.


Designed for lifestyle and functionality, our high Quality Made electric beds are amazing! Enjoy the relaxing massage, programmable positions, dual remotes for king Electric bed and the restorative zero gravity for weightless support and Muscle relaxation. Our Electric Beds are made to the highest quality so you know you are getting the best quality Electric Bed. We can ship across Australia.

Pocket Spring Mattress

Pocket Spring Mattress

Pocket spring Mattresses allow you to sleep peacefully without having to experience every toss and turn of your partner, Orthopaedic support means each spring is supporting your body according to its own contours and pressure points. The 5 pocket zones offer variable support for different parts of your body: head, shoulders, lower back, hips and feet to help ensure correct spinal alignment.

Bed Base

Our Australian made bed bases firstly form a solid foundation to correctly support your mattress. However, they can be customised with draws, to lift on Gas struts, to support a headboard or to lift and Massage like an electric bed base. Our consultants can help select the right upholstery fabric to suit your decor. Head board options available choose wall mount or single headboards attached to the base.


Hand Made Custom designed Australian made timber Headboards, superbly crafted by our team of professional upholsterers, are a practical yet aesthetic addition to any bedroom. We can build to any size Shape or style. Timber bedheads are built to your specific requirements. And our team of consultants will help you choose the right fabric and colour to compliment your style.

King Split Mattress Spine Align Mattress

Spine Align Mattress

Our Spine Align mattress was designed in conjunction with Adam Antoniolli from Physio Next Doors Adam Antoniolli. Adam is the physio for Gold Coast Sspinal who implemented the Align Spine Program for post surgery patients. Adam needed a bed mattress that would give correct spinal support to assist within recovery whilst still being affordable.

We designed the Spine Align mattress with a full width pocket spring and high density, high quality foams. For longevity we made it double sided, which means the mattress has the same foam on both sides which can be flipped regularly to maintain the comfort levels. The Spine Align comes in 3 feels, medium, firmfirm, and extra firm.
To accommodate couples who have different comfort needs we build a custom king size mattress in two separate pieces, this allows for a firm and medium combination.
A large percentage of customers that visit our showroom have some form of back ailment often related to agefrom age, to work, an accident, or spinal conditions such as curvatures, Sciatica and Bursitis. and accident related, also some very tricky spinal curvatures, sciatica and Bursitis.

Each client receives a full consultation to ensuring they understand which spring system and foam combination is going to best support their particular issue.
It takes years of experience, work knowledge and training to be able to correctly advise customers on which mattress will best suit them. It also means we need to work with our clients and offer to switch from medium to firm or vise vice versa IF our customer feels that if the original the mattress selection was is not right for them) after tr a week.. We recommend trying your new mattress for a full week.
The Spine Align is very affordable as this was a very important part of the program
The care we take with our customers is what has helped us achieve our 5 star rating, and we love it! So come in and try this amazing mattress for yourself, you will not regret it!

Trundle Bed

Trundle Bed

Trundle Bed. When space is a premium, when you need a spare bed for guests but you also need the room, for your office, The Trundle bed is the answer. All Australian Made, fully reversible and easy to adapt.

Bed Base

Our Australian Made bases can be fitted with up to 4 large draws which is the perfect marriage of form and function, perfect for those with limited storage. Draws can be added as 1 or 2 per side OR 2 at the end of the base and 2 at the top each side.

Bed Base With Drawers


Made in Australia Bed Heads. Bedheads are becoming a very popular addition to most design interiors. The HeadBoard is an elegant addition to any bed, it is a detail that can complete or change the decor in a variety of ways with the clean cut modern to the good old fashioned glamour. The bedhead is making a comeback.

Bed Heads


Here at Beds Galore we are a local Gold Coast Family Owned Business. We specialize in Australian Made Beds. Creating Jobs Here In Australia. By Manufacturing in Australia we guarantee a quality custom made product whilst supporting local business, with factory direct pricing. The custom made division allows the flexibility to build mattresses of different shapes and sizes for all needs, including boats campers caravans or just unusual sized furniture. Our transport division provide a superior service to our customers with the ability to deliver the product directly to our clients on demand, when required, within the same day of request. To compliment our mattresses, we also carry a range of hotel quality, waterproof mattress protectors, pillows and bedding, Our interior design consultants can help you with the task of selecting colours and designs. No job is too big or too small. Our Showrooom: Open daily, located at 1/16 Township Drive. West Burleigh, Gold Coast, Mobile 0414 446675. Kathryn.

Australian Owned Business
The Super king Mattress is perfect if you have a large room and like to have as much space to move in bed as possible, It also ensures you are not disturbed by your partner during sleep. Measuring a whopping 2040mm x 2040mm It is a real statement piece. At Beds Galore we can build any mattress in super king and customise the comfort level to suit our clients needs. We also offer the super king in a split bed option with two pieces measuring 1020W x 2040L that zip together to make a full size 2040 square. Our Showroom is located at 1/16 Township Dr, West Burleigh, Gold Coast.


The Correct Sleeping Position

Finding the best sleeping position is very personal and has everything to do with your own body, health, injuries, or surgeries.

The most common sleeping position is the side sleeper, this encompasses the foetal position, which is great for reducing back pain and snoring. If you are a side sleeper it is not only important to have the correct pillow, but by placing a small pillow between your knees, you will also keep your hips straight and back supported. In my experience, I have found a medium to firm mattress is best for a side sleeper.

Back sleepers, on the other hand, can benefit from a firmer mattress. If you have lower back injuries, then a small pillow placed under the knees will help to keep the spine straight and relieve pressure on your lower back.

Finally, the front sleeper. This is not a common position and requires a very firm pocket spring mattress with a low or no pillow. This position adds extra strain on muscles and may require a low pillow placed under the hips to reduce the curve in the spine. If you can retrain yourself and change from this sleeping position, you will wake up with less aches and pains.

Correct Sleeping Position

How To Choose A Pillow

I am asked this question many times, and I will ask you now too, how many pillows have you brought that are not right for you? Not comfortable? Well even I purchased 17 different pillows and slept on each one before I found the Alistairs range that I carry for my customers now. Your sleep position and injuries are the two considerations when choosing a pillow. A suitable pillow should support and cushion your neck it should keep the head and neck lined up in a natural and neutral position. But most of all you need to enjoy the feel of the pillow as everyone is different. The great thing is that I have samples of my range on beds in store which you are welcome to come try The Alistairs down alternative pillow that I have selected comes in three feels, Soft, Medium and Firm and they are Amazing. These pillows are part of the deluxe collection: They feature
Cotton Japara cover
Walled and piped for superior loft
Hypo Allergenic
Dust mite Resistant
Machine washable and tumble dry


What To Look For When Buying A Mattress

Gone are the days when a mattress had to be hard as a board to be good for you. A too-hard mattress may only succeed in putting your shoulders and hips to sleep. You will sleep best when your bed helps you feel cradled in comfort, cosy and secure. Todays top quality ensembles are built for superior comfort. Luxurious new cushioning materials and extra-soft surface treatments create a plusher, more comfortable feel.
Correct support is the essential ingredient for a healthy body. A good mattress and base will gently support your body at all points and keep your spine in the same shape as a person with good standing posture. Pay special attention to your shoulders, hips, and lower back-the heaviest parts. If there's too little support, you can develop back pain. But if the mattress is too hard for you, you can experience uncomfortable pressure. A word about "firm." Don't rely on product labels to tell you which mattress will give you the right support. One manufacturers "firm" may feel harder than anothers "extra firm." The only way to find out if the support is right is to lie down and try.
It is the quality of the materials used and how they are put together that determine how long a mattress and foundation will provide the comfort and support you bought them for. The best assurance of good performance over a good many years is to buy the highest quality sleep set you can afford.


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