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Eco Dream Mattress

Eco Dream Mattress

The Eco Dream Mattress support system is a fully foam encased five zone Contour response Pocket spring system. The foam box that surrounds the mattress ensures the entire spring system is supported as well as it provides extra supports where you sit to move in and out of bed.

The Eco Dream boasts layers of copper infused Memory foam which has natural antimicrobial properties, helping create a hygienic sleep environment, Gel infused Latex and breathable wool fibre to keep the mattress cool.

The plush pillow top contains an additional Nano Pocket spring system, these pocket springs are made from fine individual wire coils that are breathable and engineered to adapt precisely to your body’s contours, offering enhanced comfort and alleviating pressure where its most needed.

Finally, the choice of fabric to finish this masterpiece contains Tencel made from Teatree wood pulp which absorbs 51% more moisture than cotton.

This mattress paves the way for a deeply restorative sleep.

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Our Eco Dream Mattress

Eco Dream Mattress

The Eco Dream Mattress is an innovation in sleep technology that combines environmental consciousness with unparalleled comfort and support. Central to its design is the Contour Response™ 5 Zone Pocket system, engineered to adapt precisely to your body's contours, offering enhanced comfort and alleviating pressure where it's most needed. This system not only supports your lower back, fostering proper spinal alignment, but also mitigates pressure point discomfort, paving the way for a deeply restorative sleep.

Edge Care Comfort™ technology enriches the mattress with a robust side wall structure, significantly enhancing edge support and reducing sagging. This thoughtful design ensures the mattress retains its shape and provides a stable surface even at the edges, making it an ideal choice for those experiencing hip or joint pain or for anyone who prefers a firmer edge to facilitate getting in and out of bed.

The mattress features a layer of Nano Pocket Springs, consisting of individually encased fine wire coils. This layer is designed for breathability and to mould to the sleeper's body, offering a superior level of comfort that personalises to each individual's form.

Eco Dream Mattress

Infused with copper, the memory foam layer of the Eco Dream Mattress takes advantage of copper's natural antimicrobial properties and its capacity to conduct heat away from the body, ensuring a cooler, more comfortable sleep. Additionally, the inclusion of Gel Infused Latex enhances this cooling effect, providing a responsive, supportive sleep surface that retains minimal heat, for a consistently pleasant sleeping temperature.

To further elevate the sleep experience, the mattress incorporates breathable Wool Fibre in its top layers. Wool's natural durability, softness, and resistance to soil, paired with its exceptional insulating properties, contribute to a mattress that not only feels luxurious but also promotes a breathable, temperature-regulated sleep environment.

The mattress is finished with a cover made from Tencel / RENEW Recycled Fabric, embracing the ethos of sustainability. This fabric, derived from natural cellulose in wood pulp and incorporating sustainable RENEW fabric, excels in moisture absorption, outperforming cotton, and boasts natural antibacterial qualities, ensuring a hygienic sleep surface.

Proudly crafted in Australia, the Eco Dream Mattress is a testament to our commitment to quality, sustainability, and the creation of a mattress that delivers a sleep experience as conscious of the environment as it is conducive to deep, restful sleep. Discover the future of eco-friendly luxury sleep with the Eco Dream Mattress.

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