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Trundle Beds

Trundle Beds

Trundle Beds at Beds Galore offer a top-quality system that converts a single mattress into a King size bed effortlessly. Our Designer trundle beds, with the optional fascia plate, provide a sophisticated and practical furniture solution for children or guest rooms.

The Super Comfort Trundle can support up to 120kg, making it suitable for both adults and children. It's convenient for co-sleeping with unsettled children and can be easily rolled away once they are asleep.

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Our Trundle Beds


This top quality system also converts a single mattress into a King, by simply folding out the legs, standing the trundle beside the bridge and pushing the two together. Our Designer trundle beds with *OPTIONAL fascia plate become a sophisticated and practical piece of furniture.

When a second mattress is required for sleep overs or unexpected guests, you simply slide the trundle mattress out from under the bed it can be used low to the ground on the castors or raised on the fitted steel legs. My Super comfort Trundle is weighted to 120kg so Is perfect for Adults as well as children. Mums can utilize the trundle mattress to co sleep with unsettled children then simply roll the matt away with no disturbance once the little one is asleep.


Comfort and warmth is important for children to have a sound night sleep, therefore I designed the Super Comfort trundle with twice the foam of other trundles on the market with the additional benefit of being double sided. This means that the top mattress can be flipped allowing you to use both sides. Note: If a mattress does not have sufficient foam then the cold winter air will come through the mattress and they will feel the cold.

Another worthy observation as a mother is that children love their friends to sleep over but not in the same bed! The trundle allows them to sleep beside each other to chat whilst still giving them the space in between. This configuration is also becoming very popular for holiday let as it is a space saver during the day allowing room to be used as a mini office or for children to play.

WE Trundle Bed Gold Coast WHAT WE DO

With our custom-made trundle beds, we offer a wide range of fabric colours to choose from. This allows you to perfectly match the trundle bed to your room decor, creating a seamless and cohesive look. Additionally, you have the option to add a headboard, which can be securely attached to the base using brackets. Moreover, the optional fascia board on the trundle can be designed with a contrasting pattern or colour, catering to the preferences of interior designers and becoming a dream feature for creating visually stunning spaces.

At Beds Galore, our utmost priority is providing the highest quality Australian Made Trundle Beds. We take pride in our products and wholeheartedly stand behind them, ensuring our customers' satisfaction. Our commitment to excellence guarantees that you can confidently recommend Beds Galore to your friends and family, knowing that they will experience the same level of comfort and quality that we deliver.

When it comes to choosing a trundle bed, Beds Galore offers high-quality Australian-made options that are worth considering. Start by assessing the available space in your room and measuring the dimensions to ensure a proper fit for the trundle bed, whether it's in the closed or extended position. Beds Galore's trundle beds boast sturdy construction and durable materials, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability. Whether you need a trundle bed for guests or everyday use, Beds Galore provides comfortable and easy-to-set-up designs. As an added bonus, Beds Galore offers custom fabric options, allowing you to personalise your trundle bed with a range of fabrics and colours to seamlessly match your existing decor. Rest assured that with Beds Galore's quality Australian-made trundle beds, you'll find the perfect blend of style and functionality.

We understand the importance of choosing the right fabric options. For 20 plus years, we have ensured our range of premium fabric options cater to our customers; aesthetic and functional needs. In addition, we work with the best in custom upholstery, so you can make the right choice in fabric upholstery material and tailor your custom bed to your unique style.

Warwick Fabrics

Nothing lets you add a touch of class and luxury to your bedroom like the Warwick Fabric Collection. We carry a diverse range of fabrics from this renowned textile house to fill your most eccentric fashion needs. We even offer a range of suede, leather, corduroy or velvet. You can count on The Warwick range of premium quality fabrics to help you create a one of a kind bedroom that suits your style and personality.

Trundle Bed Gold Coast

Profile Fabrics

From linen look to Hampton weave, these simple yet elegant fabrics are a part of our most versatile and popular range. With quality that is second to none, your new bed will maintain its beauty, functionality, and allure with age.


Our Quality Trundle Beds, Our Difference

As the trundle is custom made, we can offer a range of fabric colours. This allows you to match it to your room decor. You can add an optional headboard and if chosen will be attached with brackets to the base. Again, the optional fascia board on the trundle can be made with a contrast design if required; it is an interior designer dream.

When children need the space in their room for play the trundle is again a perfect selection. A standard Double bed is 1370mm wide x 1880mm (6"2)long, however consider a king single trundle will last them for many years as a king single is 1070mm wide x 2030mm or 6 foot 8 long (with the bonus that there is another bed underneath). Another worthy observation as a mother is that children love their friends to sleep over but not in the same bed! The trundle allows them to sleep beside each other to chat whilst still giving them the space in between.

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QUALITY AUSTRALIAN MADE FROM LOCALLY SOURCED PRODUCTS. The Super comfort trundle bed system is wonderfully designed as it is compact and neat. Available in three sizes Single, (920mm W X 1880mm), Long single(920mm W x 2030mm L) and King single (1060mm W X 2030mm L). The underneath trundle bed slides effortlessly in and out from under the bridge and top mattress. Fold away legs allow you to easily raise the trundle to the same height as the bridge. Pushed together it now becomes a king bed for couples. Each trundle bed comes with a fully reversible 7 zone bonnel spring Supa Comfort top mattress matched with the same fully secured matt on the trundle base itself.
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Our Showroom is located at 1/16 Township Dr, West Burleigh, Gold Coast.
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Trundle Bed

Available in a range of beautiful fabrics and colours.

Trundle Bed

Our Super Comfort Trundle is perfect for Adults as well as children.