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Bed Bases

Bed Bases

Our fully custom bed bases are designed to perfectly fit the decor of any room, offering a seamless integration with your personal style and aesthetic.

With a clean and crisp finish, our fully upholstered bed bases eliminate the need for a valance, resulting in a tidy appearance and making mattress turning effortless.

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Our Bed Bases

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The base is an important support for the mattress. Ascetically a fully upholstered base gives a clean crisp finish and negates the need for a valance which can be untidy and make the turning of the mattress difficult.

A Bed base raised off the floor with glides or castors gives a more contemporary feel and can give the illusion of more space in a small room. Our bases can be fitted with up to 4 large draws which is the perfect place to keep bedding and ideal for those with limited storage.

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A base comes standard with Glides however heavy duty castor are available on request. Choose from a range of quality fabrics and colours made right here in Australia. You can purchase as is or add a bed head in a range of styles.

Our Deep solid draw bases constructed from kiln dried plantation timber with a 12 slat construction glide effortlessly on full extension metal runners and are strong enough to store all your winter bedding. Choose from a range of designer fabrics to have them upholstered in and our luxurious bases become a furniture statement within themselves.

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Lift Bed

For unparalleled space efficiency, our bespoke, Australian-crafted, solid wood, upholstered lift bed is engineered with high-quality gas struts for effortless raising, unveiling ample space for all your storage requirements. The interior is fully lined, guaranteeing that your belongings are kept secure and in immaculate condition. Pair it with a tailor-made headboard to achieve a perfectly finished look for your room.

We Bed Base Gold Coast What We Do

When choosing a bed base from Beds Galore, there are a few important factors to consider. Our bed bases are proudly made in Australia, guaranteeing exceptional quality and construction. Additionally, we offer the flexibility of custom fabric options, allowing you to personalize your bed base to match your room's decor perfectly. Furthermore, we provide various drawer options to cater to your storage needs, including 1 or 2 drawers per side or 2 drawers at the end and 2 drawers at the top on each side. This ensures that you not only enjoy the comfort and style of our bed bases but also benefit from convenient storage solutions. With Beds Galore, you can expect a high-quality, Australian made bed base that meets your unique preferences and requirements.

We understand the importance of choosing the right fabric options. For 20 plus years, we have ensured our range of premium fabric options cater to our customers; aesthetic and functional needs. In addition, we work with the best in custom upholstery, so you can make the right choice in fabric upholstery material and tailor your custom bed to your unique style.

Warwick Fabrics

Nothing lets you add a touch of class and luxury to your bedroom like the Warwick Fabric Collection. We carry a diverse range of fabrics from this renowned textile house to fill your most eccentric fashion needs. We even offer a range of suede, leather, corduroy or velvet. You can count on The Warwick range of premium quality fabrics to help you create a one of a kind bedroom that suits your style and personality.


Profile Fabrics

From linen look to Hampton weave, these simple yet elegant fabrics are a part of our most versatile and popular range. With quality that is second to none, your new bed will maintain its beauty, functionality, and allure with age.


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