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Spine Align Mattress

Spine Align Mattress

Expertly co-designed with leading physiotherapists and spinal surgeons, ensuring optimum spinal support.

Double-sided design, offering longevity and versatility in use.

Customisable comfort with a full-width pocket spring system and high-density luxury foams, available in three distinct feels.

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Our Spine Align Mattress


The Spine Align Mattress represents a pinnacle of ergonomic design and comfort. Developed in collaboration with some of the coast's most esteemed physiotherapists and spinal surgeons, it promises unparalleled support for your spine. This mattress is not just about support; it's about tailored comfort. Featuring a double-sided construction, it can be flipped to extend its life. At its core, the mattress utilises a sophisticated full-width pocket spring system, complemented by high-density luxury foams. This combination supports the natural alignment of your spine and is available in different comfort levels to suit your needs.


Understanding the unique requirements of each individual, the Spine Align Mattress can be personalised to meet specific needs. Whether you're seeking a split king format for varied firmness levels within the same bed or a single-sided version for your caravan or motorhome, this mattress adapts to your lifestyle. Our commitment to personalisation is further evidenced in our sleep consultation process. We take the time to help you feel and understand the different spring systems, ensuring that the recommended feel of the mattress aligns perfectly with your body for the best possible sleep experience. For those with specific requirements, we offer a swift turnaround time of 10 working days to create a custom mattress that meets your precise needs.

We Trundle Bed Gold Coast What We Do

The involvement of healthcare professionals ensures that the mattress is crafted with a deep understanding of spinal health, resulting in a design that offers optimal spinal support and alignment.

The double-sided design increases the lifespan of the mattress, offering you the flexibility to flip it for even wear and extended durability.

Yes, it offers customisation options, including a split king format with different firmness levels on each side, catering to varied sleeping preferences in a single mattress.

We provide single-sided versions specifically designed for caravans and motorhomes. Custom mattresses can be supplied within 10 working days if required.

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We guarantee a quality custom made product whilst supporting local business, with affordable pricing. We have the flexibility to offer mattresses of different shapes and sizes for all needs, including boats, campers, and caravans. We endeavour to provide a superior service to our customers with the ability to deliver the product directly to our clients on demand, when required, within the same day of request.