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King Split Mattresses

King Zip Split Mattress

The Resort Luxury King split mattress allows you to convert a king bed into two extra-long single beds, giving you the flexibility to accommodate more than one sleep option. However, they can also benefit couples who prefer completely different support or feel in a mattress.

By customising your mattress, each piece may be different. For example, one piece in a soft finish and one firm. The reason we offer soft, medium and firm in the custom made mattress is because we need to allow for various body weights, one person is light while their partner is heavy.

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Our King Split Mattresses

King Split Mattress

For those who have back issues or have had spinal surgery, we now offer the Spine Align model as a split king mattress. Each piece is a double sided pocket spring with a full foam box around each spring to ensure a seamless join. Another benefit of a split king mattress is they are easier to move than standard king mattresses, this is especially helpful when you need to move the mattress upstairs or when lifts are too small to accommodate a one piece king size. Also When you split the bed, one piece of mattress and base can be moved into a completely separate room.

King Split Mattress

King Zip Base

Accompanying King bases are always made in two pieces so that they can be installed into most homes and apartments, our bases come in a range of designer upholstery fabrics to suit your decor.

King split and Zip beds are asked for by many different names king single joined, king single zip, king single split, single zip beds, single joined beds, hotel beds, resort beds. However, we all know they are talking about the incredibly flexible and luxurious Resort Luxury king split bed.

Australian Made: We are very proud to have designed the Resort Luxury range which is made right here in Australia.

We King Split Mattress What We Do

Our custom-made King zip beds offer a range of benefits for versatile sleep options. The Resort Luxury King split mattress offers the flexibility to convert a king bed into two extra-long single beds, catering to multiple sleep preferences. Additionally, customising your mattress allows each piece to be tailored to individual needs, such as one side in a soft finish and the other in a firm option. This customisation is particularly beneficial for couples who have different support or feel preferences. We understand the importance of accommodating various body weights, ensuring that our custom-made mattresses offer options ranging from soft to medium to firm support. With our custom-made King zip beds, you can enjoy personalized comfort and create the perfect sleeping environment for you and your partner.

At Beds Galore, we take great pride in offering Australian Made King zip mattresses and upholstered bases. We are proud to say that our King Split Mattresses and bases are meticulously crafted to meet Australian standards, using the finest quality materials available. What sets us apart is that all our products are designed and built right here in Queensland, ensuring exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail. With Beds Galore, you can trust that our Australian Made King zip mattresses are a testament to our dedication to providing you with the highest quality sleep solutions. Experience the comfort, durability, and reliability of our Australian made mattresses and rest easy knowing that you have chosen a locally crafted product that meets the highest standards of excellence.

We understand the importance of choosing the right fabric options. For 20 plus years, we have ensured our range of premium fabric options cater to our customers; aesthetic and functional needs. In addition, we work with the best in custom upholstery, so you can make the right choice in fabric upholstery material and tailor your custom bed to your unique style.

Warwick Fabrics

Nothing lets you add a touch of class and luxury to your bedroom like the Warwick Fabric Collection. We carry a diverse range of fabrics from this renowned textile house to fill your most eccentric fashion needs. We even offer a range of suede, leather, corduroy or velvet. You can count on The Warwick range of premium quality fabrics to help you create a one of a kind bedroom that suits your style and personality.

Warwick Fabrics

Profile Fabrics

From linen look to Hampton weave, these simple yet elegant fabrics are a part of our most versatile and popular range. With quality that is second to none, your new bed will maintain its beauty, functionality, and allure with age.

Profile Fabrics

Our Quality King Split Mattresses, Our Difference

For our elderly, the king size bed with split mattress is much easier to turn with two small pieces rather than turning one large. The split king bed eliminates partner disturbance, by sleeping on separate mattresses you eliminate the movement transfer completely. And if your partner really annoys you, you can push the mattress away completely!

As the mattresses are individual, you can replace or exchange one piece without needing to replace the entire mattress. However, if you always protect your mattress with a waterproof protector you eliminate the risk of spills or staining.

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As the mattresses are individual, you can replace or exchange one piece without needing to replace the entire mattress. However, if you always protect your mattress with a waterproof protector you eliminate the risk of spills or staining.

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We guarantee a quality custom made product whilst supporting local business, with factory direct pricing. We have the flexibility to offer mattresses of different shapes and sizes for all needs, including boats, campers, and caravans. We endeavour to provide a superior service to our customers with the ability to deliver the product directly to our clients on demand, when required, within the same day of request.